I started my Sunday (6/19/20) seeking out some spiritual fruit….. My previous two days were a mixed bag: Friday, I woke up with a general feeling of dis-inspiration which was only compounded by more CA house drama.  I tried to get myself recharged in the afternoon with a workout, but no avail! 🙁 I was having a bad day and there didn’t seem to be much I could do about it. 

[see my blog “Status Update”] Saturday was better, but not great.  I drove out to Dublin for some outdoor coed soccer I heard about through a member of the guys Footie team.  Three minutes into the game, the sky opened up, lightening struck, and all players were instructed to run to the field house.  I really felt like getting in the car and just going home.  However, I loitered briefly, and the storm passed.  A group of us stuck around to play an informal game.  I’m glad I stayed; I had fun and everyone was really nice.  Later that afternoon, I managed to get in a good lift workout which succeeded in further “lifting” my mood. 😉


Now to Sunday…..I got up early so I could make it to the 9:30 church service at Vineyard Church in Westerville.  Wow, megachurch!  Honestly, that turned me off a little.  Especially at this point in my life, I feel like I’m getting salesman’y pitched to about everything: Pxxxxxx’s lawyer, the realtor in CA, book writing seminars, my brother’s business.  Ugh, no more sales pitches, please!!  But I went in anyway; I’m glad that I did.  The pastor really hit home about with a lesson about how to know if you’re listening to God when you’re making major life decisions.  There was one metaphor he used that I particularly liked: God’s plan for our life is not a paint by numbers picture, but an original work of art where Jesus serves as the model.  God does not expect us to look exactlylike Christ, but to look at Him as a model, as an example of what God has in mind for the type of person He wants us to be.  Furthermore, beyond WHAT job, WHERE to live, etc, God asks more WHO will you be in that new job or HOW will you live in that new home.  These are subtle things to point out, but importantly, and a message I know and believe (that God cares about the state of our heart, not our outward accomplishments) but is worth hearing again and again.  It’s not to say that God doesn’t want us to accomplish things or succeed, but that through a happy state of our heart, a wholeness in our heart, a state of heart where we have a relationship with God, those successes will hopefully be in line with his “model” for us.  Also, I liked the metaphor that God doesn’t give us the blueprint, he gives us a playbook.  Blueprints typically aren’t deviated from at all, whereas a playbook allows for contingencies and on-the-spot decision making.  As red-blooded Americans, I think a lot of us believe in the “religion of self” in a lot of ways.  That is, we, by our own hard work and great decision making ability, have gotten ourselves to where we are pretty much all on our own.  We don’t want someone else imposing their plan on us or taking credit from us – to include God.  But God allows for free will, folks! 🙂  He really does.  And that, to me, is part of the playbook vs blueprint metaphor.  The same way you would consult coaches and trainers associated with the sport of the playbook you’re studying, wouldn’t you want to consult “coaches” and “trainers” about God?  Furthermore, don’t be paralyzed by the idea that there is only one way to do it, to live life, to follow God.  God’s desire for our lives is not a blueprint, but a game plan that He wants to be a part of.

As for the blue print for the rest of my day, I plan to work on my book proposal(s), go home, walk Bailey, go check out some mountain biking trails (if it’s not raining), clean, do some BxCo inventory (ugh), then (yeah! 🙂 ) pick Pete up at the airport tonight.
Wish me luck in my seeking