The first of many mild (depends on your perspective, I guess) cases of sexism I experienced while deployed.  Looking back, it wasn’t a huge deal…except for the fact that professional reputation is HUGE in the Marine Corps, so any unwarranted infraction made against it is particularly upsetting.

8 Sept 05 – Thursday 0315Long day today/yesterday.  Walked in the morning, showered, worked 9-12, cleaned room, tried to nap, worked 6-3am.  Talked to Mike and Matt on DSN tonight.  Both very nice. Got an email early in day from Mike saying he wasn’t mad. 
Patrick got on my nerves today.  Sexist issue with XO tonight.  BS.  I’m being 100% professional and I don’t want Pat to ruin my rep.
Too tired. 

Email explaining “sexist issue” – Just a quick note b/c I am furious right now.  I had to deal with some blatant sexism at work tonight.  Our XO essentially lectured Patrick tonight, saying that every time he and I leave together, everyone in the squadron goes, “There goes the Lt and his girlfriend” and basically is banning me and Patrick from spending ANY time together from now on!!!  This is ridiculous for several reasons.  1. If I was a MAN, no one would even notice how much time we spend together.  2. We work in the same section.  It’s not like I’m some random girl who follows him around for no reason.  3.  They called HIM the Lt.  What, now I’M not a Lt? I’m just a “girl?!” 4. Patrick is my temporary “boss” and needs to train me, and now we’re getting separated as if we were breaking some rules! This is absurd.  Now, according to the XO, we have to work completely opposite schedules and are not to be seen going anywhere together – no working out, no meals, no back and forth to work, etc.  I’ve done nothing unprofessional and because the XO can’t squash this crap he’s punishing us because people like 12 year olds.  He obviously has to agree with them on some level if he said it the way he did to Patrick tonight.  I am pissed.  I wouldn’t have expected this from someone at this level; maybe form other Lt’s or the enlisted Marines, but not a Major or an XO.  This is the kind of crap that infuriates me.  I am quiet, courteous, and professional with everyone at work – including Patrick – yet I’m getting referred to as some random GIRL, instead of a WOMAN, or a MARINE, or a LIEUTENANT!  I just heard this, so I am a bit fired up right now.

*I got several responses, but Margie’s was one of my favorites: Soup. I wanted to comment on this.  The people making those comments are simply souper jealous…because you’re successful, smart, funny, and really really ridiculously good looking.  You deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T darn it! That’s it…I’m coming over there to regulate.  Next flight I’m on it.  Marginator in da Iraqi house! “I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”