11 Sept 2005 – excerpt from email to Mike

I just got done talking to the XO.  I went in there and was like “sir, I just wanted to touch base with you about the issue, whether big or small, about my professional relationship with Lt G.”  Long story short, the XO said his issue was with Patrick, not me.  That Patrick was essentially following me around like a puppy dog and hitting on me at work and people were noticing and that it was unprofessional.  He said I have been doing a great job so far and he has no issue with me, and if ever does he will not hesitate to tell me.  I told him I wanted to be taken seriously professionally and that the nature of the circumstances are that Patrick and I are the only Lt’s and that we are each other’s peer group, but that there was nothing unprofessional going on.   XO reiterated that he was on board with that, that I have been professional and am taken seriously, and his displeasure was with Pat’s behavior.  Anyway, I felt pretty good about myself that I took the initiative to go in there and talk to him because it really cleared things up.  I was taking it as though the issue was with me when, in fact, it was with Patrick.
So, I’m in a better mood now that I kind of got that off my chest.  Well, I wasn’t really mad, but I just felt like something more needed to be said and I feel like I ended up handling it well.  With that and with Patrick being gone, the command climate here is much better.  He is a negative influence on me.  It’s kind of like I’m guilty by association, ya know?  He handles himself very differently than I do, and I don’t want my rep suffering because I am “friends” with him.  It’s not like I’m going to be mean to him or start ignoring him, but I am distancing myself a bit. 

For as tired as I felt earlier this afternoon, I feel pretty good right now.  Although, I have a new nemesis: Otis Spunkmeyer’s peanut butter cookies.  They are evil. 
My legs are killing me. I took the day off which was a fantastic idea.  But I intend on running when I get off work at 0600 (and I’m sure I’m really going to feel like it after working 14 hours straight, right?)
So, our system if FINALLY up and working so we’ve got missions going on time tonight.  This makes things MUCH better.  However, we got nailed by IDF tonight and some of it was pretty close.
Oh, after all the talk of the food being bad last night, the chow hall went and totally redeemed itself!  We had fajitas tonight and they brought in fresh kiwis, bananas, and nectarines.  Soooo since so much of my life revolves around food, this also improved my mood today.  Haha.  I am a fatty.
Also related to the sexual harassment issue – an excerpt from an email to my Mom:   It is definitely tough at times to respect the institution in which I work.  There are a lot of moments where I’m so proud of it and the people who comprise it, but many other moments where I ask myself why I’m here simply because of the bad or sexist attitudes.  Then again, I’m afraid that those attitudes exist almost everywhere on some level, ya know?