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Sarah’s reputation as a speaker is grounded in her dynamic, bold, and humorous style. Enjoy inspired instruction as Sarah leads your organization, team, or business on a journey of discovery about how to find clarity, build resilience, and create happier, healthier lives.

1. Align and Shine in Battle and Beyond
During times of intense stress and trauma we can easily lose sight of what matters most, compounding suffering. In this unforgettable keynote speech, Sarah Plummer Taylor uses her personal story of overcoming great odds as a U.S. Marine officer, five-time military Olympian, and survivor of service-related trauma to illustrate how mindfully choosing an investment in wellness and self-care can result in healthier relationships, deeper satisfaction, and greater confidence to face present and future challenges.

2. Renew. Revive. Restore.
With the endless churn of everyday stress, creating health in our bodies, relationships, spirits, and minds can seem overwhelming. In this engaging keynote, Sarah Plummer Taylor draws on evidenced-based principles to unlock three simple strategies we can use to begin cultivating wellness today. Learn the value of self-care, social support, and spiritual practice. Be inspired to take compassionate action on your own behalf as Sarah demystifies what it takes to renew, revive, and restore the tired parts of your life.

3. Resilience. Want it? Build It.
In this radically honest keynote speech, Sarah Plummer Taylor invites listeners to strip away the excuses we so often give ourselves, and instead gaze boldly at our own souls, pain, intuition, and capacity for growth. Be inspired as you learn the science behind pain, healing, and choice. With practical tips and suggestions, Sarah guides your group from “I don’t know how to change,” to “I can take action in my life.”

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