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I go the extra mile to ensure you’re engaged, educated, and empowered

by my unique stories, fresh perspective, and relatable science

about resilience-building before, during, and after big challenges, burnout, or major transitions

because you deserve an enjoyable, compelling, and relevant-to-you presentation.

Schedule a call with Sarah NOW to discuss your event.

I’m glad you’re here, because there’s more to events than cookie-cutter speakers and presentations. This is a chance to transform someone’s life!

Unfortunately, a lot of speakers deliver run-of-the-mill messages. (I don’t).

Or don’t really spend the time to customize for each audience or client. (I do).

My authentic, impactful, and humorous stories coupled with evidence-based tactics resonate deeply with a wide variety groups from CEOs to students, corporations to non-profits, parents and entrepreneurs, athletes and survivors.

Most people are in a state of decision fatigue, overwhelm, and burnout.
They want more focus, ease, and confidence.
They want to be joyfully productive.
They want healthy relationships and healthy minds & bodies.
They want to make an impact on their work, families, and communities that really means something to them! 

I can help.

My reputation as a speaker is grounded in my dynamic, bold, and humorous style. Enjoy inspired instruction as I lead your organization, team, or business on a journey of discovery about how to find clarity, build resilience, and create happier, healthier lives.


Mindful Leadership
Through actionable insights, Sarah offers research-based methods for improving stress without having to remove stress, enhancing your ability to focus, manage obstacles, and compassionately navigate transitions. She details tactics for effective goal-setting, decision-making, and development of dynamic leadership traits for the modern professional, parent, and partner.

Veteran Reintegration
Combining engaging personal stories with professional expertise, Sarah details how to best connect with, develop, and retain resilient veterans in your workplace, school, or community by addressing their distinct strengths and challenges.

Employee Wellness & Resilience
What can a U.S. Marine veteran officer, 5-time military Olympian, and behavioral health instructor teach you about building resilience so you can overcome any obstacle, cultivate wellness, and achieve meaningful success? Loads! Enjoy change science tactics blended with personal growth strategies, mindfulness methods, and holistic health and wellness practices in order to set yourself up for success and transformation!

Nearly every planner struggles to find the “perfect” speaker for their unique event.

You really don’t have to be one of them.

I want you to feel SO CONFIDENT and frankly, excited about choosing me as your speaker, workshop facilitator, or mindfulness instructor!

I can handle a virtual format with as much ease as an in-person setting, and maintain the attention of all sorts of folks in various industries from education to athletic teams, from healthcare to military, and more.

So, don’t accept “whulp, lets hope for the best!” when it comes to booking your speakers!

And wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate with someone who is a joy to work with?

So lets work together to serve, support, educate, and inspire your audience!

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