South Korea, Turkey, Serbia, and South Africa are a handful of the countries newly added to my blog audience. Pretty cool! 🙂

Onto less exciting news. . . I’m faltering on the motivation front lately 🙁 …I don’t know if I’m in a post-Colorado depression or what, but I’m really feeling like this whole I’m-gonna-write-a-book idea may be stupid.  Somebody slap me! either to tell me “no, it’s not stupid” or “yes, it is, move on with your life.”  I really feel like I’m in a stranger state right now than I anticipated……

I listened to a free webinar yesterday, Thursday, about how to write your book in 90 days.  Well, I got the basic tips, but it really was just a long infomercial for this lady’s $1500 plan.  Surprisingly, $1500 isn’t really that pricey compared to some of the other programs out there.  Should I do it???  Is that cheating??  I see all these celebrities writing books lately and I wonder “Are they REALLY writing their books???”  They are likely paying primo dollar to people to coach them into “writing” their book in 90 days or less, or have ghost writers, or do something else I can’t imagine but which only money can buy.  Is this fair? is this “real” writing? does this mean the “art” of writing is lost when you can pay anyone some money to help you churn your latest book like any other commodity??  I thought writing a book would be a lot deeper than that, but am really leaning toward paying someone to “coach” me into getting this thing out of my head and onto paper!!

Regardless of the moral and fiscal dilemma I face when pondering whether or not to sign onto one of these programs, I at least got a few tips worth implementing in my book writing “plan.”  As a creature of organization, it was no surprise  to hear that getting organized was key.  Beyond that though, I do need to re-emphasize to myself these points: Set a deadline, Create structure for my book, Follow Proven Success (get a coach/have people to which you are accountable), Don’t go it alone (ie: find a writers’ group), and Make firm writing appointments.

I’m not sure how many of you are really reading this thing or not! 🙂  but for those of you who are, and those of you who are friends, please help me in this journey!!  Please be part of my accountability group (if you want to be, that is).  And FYI, here’s a little plan I have, as silly as it may sound: start getting dressed in the morning in regular clothes and go out somewhere else to write.  This whole I’m-gonna-work-from-home-and-it’s-gonna-be-the-greatest-thing-ever actually kind of sucks sometimes. I am a social creature and need to get out of the house during the day more so than my daily work outs, Bailey walks, jaunts to the mailbox, and trips to the mall to participate in the never ending buy/return/buy/return cycle entails!!

Oh by the way, Pete is out of town and I can’t figure out how to play a DVD on his TV!!!  am I a girl, or what?? hahaha.  All I wanna do is watch “The Other Guys”!!!