In this episode of Dan Evan’s Military Entrepreneur Podcast series, I discuss how THE Stephen King helped me write my first book, Just Roll With It: 7 Battle Tested Truths For Building a Resilient Life.

Well, not directly (that would be amazing!) but via his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. That book, along with William Zinser’s On Writing Well, propelled me forward toward publication. Both books gave me relevant advice on how to write a little bit each day, and how to have a keen eye for emerging themes.

That was four years ago.

And I’ve written A LOT since then. (Admittedly, not all of it has been great, but gosh darn it if I haven’t kept at it, though!)

So, what’s rest of the story (so far)?

My book, Just Roll With It, just got published.

Point being, it’s a journey.

That being said, because “no plan survives contact with the enemy,” we need to bring our dynamic resilience to the business battlefield – whether we be writers, marketers, trainers, or designers – just as much as we do to our personal health and wellness.

Although most of my work focuses on mental, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing, this is a chance for you to get a little more scoop of the behind-the-sceens of Semper Sarah® LLC.

We’re talking business, service, and more, Marine to Marine, on this edition of the Dan Evans‘ Military Entrepreneur podcast.  The full interview can be accessed here, for free, or you can catch a 2min edited preview of our 30 min interview below.

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