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Today, I attended a free yoga class at the Lululemon store in Denver.  Because of the class itself, and the wonderful people I met afterwards, I drove home feeling uplifted, peaceful, and clear.  The instructor came from a local studio, Kindness Yoga, and reminded me of a few things thing morning that well, frankly, needed reminding.

1. STRESS IS GOOD…if we choose to see it that way.

A. Shift your perspective.  Start simply by changing the language you use to describe your stress.  Instead of saying, “I’m so stressed out,” say something like, “I am joyously full.”  Stress often comes before a big breakthrough, not so unlike the baby turtles I saw hatch on the beach in Costa Rica, as they had to “stress,” work, and fight their way out of their shells, out to the water, and into the world.

B. Stress occurs before a big change.  Being creatures of habit, impending change often freaks us out, doesn’t it?  But change is good!  It means we are evolving, and just as natural ecosystems undergo stress before they develop to meet the changing environment around them, we, too, as human ecosystems must learn to embrace the stressors as they encourage us to adapt.  As we acclimatize to the fluctuations around us, we become more balanced, faster, smarter, more loving – whatever we need to do to develop our strength – as we transform ourselves to meet the rising tide.

“Transitions are tricky, and can cause stress, but learn to see the situation as a gift that grows you.”   ~Sarah Plummer


2. CONFLICT IS GOOD, TOO…again, if you choose to see it that way.

A. Shift your perspective.  See conflict as a signal, not a siren.  Just as cravings should not be ignored because they are an indication of a lack that needs to be fulfilled, conflict should not be avoided.  Struggle directs our energy toward something that needs modification.  Try not to begrudge the journey, but embrace it for its ups and downs, knowing that God/Universe/Creator is doling out valuable lessons to you.

B. Conflict tells us we need to change something.  From an argument with a loved one, to a pain in your leg, a conflict of mind, body, or spirit is a gentle whisper that will become a shout if we don’t face it, learn from it, then make adjustments as we move forward.

“If we learn to accept conflict as an opportunity to improve ourselves, life becomes a whole lot easier; happiness directly correlates to acceptance.”  ~Sarah Plummer


3. IDENTIFY YOUR “EDGE”…and hang out there for a bit with some gratitude.

A. Shift your perspective.  Don’t fight what is; go with the flow.  In yoga, we are told to breathe into the uncomfortable spaces, the tight spots, the painful places we find in our body as we move.  In life, we should do the same and breathe into the moments where we find ourselves struggling.

B. Finding your edge enables change.  The more self-aware you are, the easier it is to find your true edge.  As you become increasingly in-tune with your authentic self, you can identify the point of challenge, go there, and then settle in.  You do not have to fight anymore.  For me, my edge can be a simple forward fold in yoga class…I have very tight hamstrings, and when I strain, pull, and push to get my face toward my legs, it hurts.  When I stop and breathe, taking my time to get there, then relax when I find that edge, it’s a completely different experience (and 9 times out of 10, I get my face a heck of a lot closer to my legs than I do the other way! :-p)

“Find your edge, and don’t fight it, for what you resist, persists.”  ~Sarah Plummer

 Yoga is life, peeps!


‎”Everything is changing all the time, and we keep wanting to pin it down, to fix it. So whenever you come up with a solid conclusion, let the rug be pulled out. You can pull out your own rug, and you can also let life pull it out for you…One way to pull out your own rug is by just letting go, lightening up, being more gentle, and not making such a big deal.”
Pema Chodron, Start Where You Are


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