‎”Healing doesn’t mean you arrive at happiness and stay there; it means becoming strong enough to take each mountain as it comes. When we are in pain, we are afraid that we’ll stay there forever. Yet, when we’re happy, it’s like we think it’s bad luck to mention it.  Both are temporary. Go with the flow.” Sarah Plummer.

Suicide rates outpace combat deaths. Get connected. Write me. Join Team Red, White, & Blue. www.TeamRWB.org. Please, reach out or be available for someone who needs it.

If you aren’t already connected to Team Red, White, & Blue, I encourage you to do so now.  It’s FREE plus you even get a t-shirt 😉  Even if you’re not struggling with PTSD or survived TBI or MST, this is a great group which really gets the community connection couple with physical fitness piece of healing.  Check ’em out.

And, oh by the way, they are awesome partners of my upcoming Just Roll With It Bootcamp seminar series for transitioning warriors in 2013.  www.JustRollWithItBootcamp.com

Washington DC May 11th

Houston TX June 1st

Denver CO June 8th (projected date)

San Diego CA August 24th

Syracuse NY October/November (possibly)

Want a JUST ROLL WITH IT BOOTCAMP in your city?  Contact me now at Sarah@SemperSarah.com.  Adding dates for the fall of 2013.