Your Nose Knows – Getting Balance, Clarity, and Calm With this Powerful Breathwork

Ever heard of or tried "alternate nostril breathing" or nadi shodhana (in sanskrit)? Nope? Well, you're not alone! This simple, yet powerful, way of breathing is one that taps into all sorts of intuitive body-based helper systems within us. Huh? That was my verbose way of saying, this breath work does the (good) work for [...]

Balance Is A Waste of Time

“Work-life balance was a mistake from the start. Because we don't really want balance. We want satisfaction.” – Matthew Kelly, author   Busy is busy. Hard is hard. Pain is pain. It’s all relative.   For each of us, our busy may feel more important than someone else's busy, or your pain may feel bigger [...]

Four Reasons Why I Don’t Care What You EAT

What's really feeding you?  Fueling you?  Giving you what you actually need? The Institute of Integrative Nutrition says that anything in your life that nourishes you but does not come on a plate is “Primary Food.”  Food and what we commonly think of as nutrition is actually considered “Secondary Food.” Therefore, the four reasons why [...]

Featured By Columbus Sports Magazine, 11 Athletics, as Female Athlete of the Month and Wrote My Own Article :)

#1 -  Jill of All Trades – Being a Multi-Sport Athlete Keeps Me Balanced (the article I wrote) Being active is my lifeblood.  Whether I am playing soccer or snowboarding, I welcome every athletic adventure that comes my way.  The variety of sports I participate in encourages balance, balance enhances health, and health breeds happiness.  [...]

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