9/11: A Reminder of the Power of Choice & The Option to Heal

The annual remembrance of September 11th, 2001 evokes a lot of emotions in me, many of which have changed over the last few years. In 2011, I wrote an account of where I was when it all went down in 2001, and how I felt that the "Tumbling Towers Built America's Next Greatest Generation."  But [...]

NBC News Hears “Yoga Saved My Life” Directly from Sarah

Although I experienced the best and the worst events of my life while I served in the Marines, it's a brotherhood and sisterhood I am eternally grateful to be a part of. The good ones, the true friends, the real brothers and sisters, still look out for one another and support each other's endeavors.  Because [...]

The Gift of Being Present: Stop, Drop, & Breathe

Enjoy this short video about how to simply and effectively get yourself centered, feeling grateful, and spreading those positive vibes to all of those around you :)  Heck, if I could get my parents do this - which was a Christmas miracle! ;-p - you sure can give it a shot.  So, try this quick [...]

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