“Stress Management” or “Resiliency Training?” – On Location in Costa Rica {VIDEO 2 of 2}

My dear friends and colleagues, PhD(c) Kate Hendricks from Precision Wellness and Dr. Theresa Larson, DPT, from Movement-RX, are going to explain some key concepts around stress: - positive stress versus negative stress - sleep - nutrition - mood - performance in our personal and professional lives     The good news? These resiliency building techniques [...]

Healthy Movement for Yoga, Lifting, & Life: On Location in Costa Rica {VIDEO 1 of 2}

It's been snowing here in Denver, but not that long ago I was in sunny, breezy Costa Rica. . . January 4th to the 10th, and the 11th to the 17th, I, along with fellow yoginis and functional fitness gurus, lead two back to back week-long yoga and adventure retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica.  We [...]

10 Tips for New Yoga Practitioners + COSTA RICA In 60 Days! :)

I stumbled across this great little article about 10 tips for new yogis and wanted to share it with you. I don't know the author, Kate Stone; I simply found the tips to ring true in addition to being funny.  Sometimes we can take yoga too seriously and frankly, it should be fun (if I [...]

Do You Like What You See in the Mirror?

If you’re not connected with me on the Semper Sarah Facebook page, you may have missed out on all the great lil’ nuggets o’ wisdom I’ve been posting the last few weeks. But don’t fret my pet, I’ve gathered them all up for you in a nice little package here in this week’s blog! :) [...]

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