Bulletproofing the Psyche: Mindfulness Interventions in the Training Environment to Improve Resilience in the Military and Veteran Communities

While clinical health services exist for service members with existing mental health conditions like posttraumatic stress, they are not stemming the rising tide of service suicides. A new approach to mental health intervention and suicide prevention in military-connected personnel is required, one that speaks to the participatory, hard-working ethos of military culture. Social work and [...]

Alkalinize, Juice, & Reduce (inflammation)

It's already the end of September (yikes!). Things are beginning to cool down, but I want to cover three "hot" wellness topics with you that can help you feel your very best: Alkalinizing Juicing (photo from justjuice.org) Inflammation reduction First, you need to know the difference between acid and alkaline forming foods, because alkalinizing our bodies is a helpful [...]

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