Faith, what is it good for?

“Without exception, spirituality – the belief in connection, a power greater than self, and the interconnections grounded in love and compassion – emerged as a component of resilience.” ~Brené Brown   Personal stories and research alike provide rich evidence for faith, spirituality, or some sort of practice of that type to be of supreme importance... [...]

Manifesting in the New Year – the Day of Epiphany

I sat – slouched a bit – in a plastic chair with metal arms. We were in a room in a semi-destroyed building that US troops now used as office space for various units in Al Asad, Iraq. It was cold. (Yes, it gets cold in Iraq). I had a brownish green polar fleece mock [...]

Social Justice or Jesus?

I had a friend post something on Facebook today saying (and keep in mind, per usual, I’m paraphrasing here) that she had people questioning how her Christian faith and her liberally-oriented political stances could rightly coexist. Liberal equaling progressive, feminist, etc. Her initial post answered the query and followed up with a question of her [...]

You’re invited to participate in the divine life

You're invited to participate in the divine life, because when you’re going it alone, you’re kinda at your worst.   Last week’s sermon at my local Denver church opened with this question: “If God were totally knowable, explainable, definable, etc would that be a God worth worshiping?”   The pastor’s answer has stuck with me [...]

When is the last time someone wrote you a love letter?

Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day. Nicholas Sparks   So, when’s the last time someone wrote you a love letter?   My guess is it may have been awhile since you’ve received that particular kind of gift.   Perhaps you associate “love [...]

Got God? Why You Should Exercise Your Spiritual Muscle, Too

Doing a yoga class Attending a Church sermon Deeply admiring a beautiful sunset Singing with a choir Going on a retreat to a remote spot Praying Meditating Traveling Dancing in a group at a wedding Reading a passage by an inspirational leader and feeling compelled to live out their words in your daily life. . [...]

September is National Yoga Month – But What’s In It For You?!

1. Most studios are running great deals throughout September to promote yoga.  I know it is late in the month but IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga, now is the time to check it out and likely get a class or two - or heck, even a whole week - [...]

10 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Do Yoga

1. Prayer and meditation are totally unrelated. 2. Using SAT logic - Personal prayer is to personal yoga practice as fellowship is to group practice. 3. Wait, they do “prayer hands” in yoga? 4. Peace be with you, and also om shanti. 5. Liturgy in Latin is logical, but speaking in Sanskrit is silly. 6. [...]

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