Why You WANT to be Part of the Fatty Club

You've seen the title of this blog and now you're asking yourself, "I want to be a part of the Fatty Club?"  What on earth... You see, I was a founding member of the UVA Women's Club Soccer Team "Fatty Club."  I used to be a little more....shall we say...."solid" in college, and to embrace my size [...]

September is National Yoga Month – But What’s In It For You?!

1. Most studios are running great deals throughout September to promote yoga.  I know it is late in the month but IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  If you’ve ever thought about trying yoga, now is the time to check it out and likely get a class or two - or heck, even a whole week - [...]

10 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Do Yoga

1. Prayer and meditation are totally unrelated. 2. Using SAT logic - Personal prayer is to personal yoga practice as fellowship is to group practice. 3. Wait, they do “prayer hands” in yoga? 4. Peace be with you, and also om shanti. 5. Liturgy in Latin is logical, but speaking in Sanskrit is silly. 6. [...]

10 Reasons Why It’s Not Yoga Unless You Sweat – Published by MindBodyGreen

I am soooo stoked to announce that I've had an article published by the awesome health and wellness website, MindBodyGreen  (<--- click there to read!).   Now, I know according to web traffic geniuses, SEO, and all that swirly interweb talk, I shouldn't be posting an outside link on my own site, but what the [...]

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