If Athletes Do This Without Question, Why Are So Many of Us So Skeptical?

Why practice? Specifically, why practice mediating, moving, and/or praying mindfully DAILY? Because it trains our brains during times of calm how to better respond in times of anxiety, pressure, or stress. It is like soccer practice versus the big match: we cultivate the skills and muscle memory mindfully when we have the time and space [...]

Stop Spinning Sideways

"This is just the visual difference that 6 months made when I started making better choices in how I lived my life and applied principles we discussed during your coaching and expressed in your book. No surgeries, prescriptions or fad diets. Just eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and re-centering my life around core values." Robert is [...]

Sharing Some “Happy Momentum” With You: Getting Closer to Bliss Even When You Argue

Happy Monday! Today, I'd love to share some "Happy Momentum" with you.I am incredibly fortunate to have amazing friends, colleagues, and mentors in my life.  One of those special, kind, and inspirational people is my friend, and fellow yoga teacher at Denver studio The Freyja Project, Caren Baginski, whose website is "Happy Momentum."  Furthermore, she [...]

Happy New Year: A Pro-Choice Message from Semper Sarah

You have a choice…. Look, I’m not a doctor (yet) but I do know a thing or two about what makes people tick… about what makes people happy… about what makes people survivors and thrivors… about what makes people resilient… about what makes people healthy… and research (from people who are doctors) shows that the [...]

Got God? Why You Should Exercise Your Spiritual Muscle, Too

Doing a yoga class Attending a Church sermon Deeply admiring a beautiful sunset Singing with a choir Going on a retreat to a remote spot Praying Meditating Traveling Dancing in a group at a wedding Reading a passage by an inspirational leader and feeling compelled to live out their words in your daily life. . [...]

Take a Freaking Vacation – Your Life Depends On It!

There’s been a slight delay since I sent my last post, and I apologize for that. I point it out, though, because it’s important that you know where I’ve been: “off-the-grid.” This short personal retreat I took reminded me to remind you of this: Vacations are not frivolities for the privileged.  We absolutely must take time to decompress and spend [...]

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