The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Went Where?

No, this is not a picture of me singing "the itsy-bitsy-spider" to a room full of adults.  This is me, "Semper Sarah," speaking at our latest Just Roll With It Bootcamp which took place Saturday August 24th in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Because a former Marine, a photographer, a friend, took the effort to make this [...]

Simple Lifestyle Suggestions for Total Health

Health and nutrition is about so much more than just eating well. Below you will find simple lifestyle suggestions designed to help you live a ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful life. ;-) This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but something to get you started or remind you of what you already know. [...]

From Wine Country to Washington DC – Practical Tips for Traveling Well in Any Situation

Just a little update for you on what I’ve been getting into lately and how it’s made me think of things that might also help you as you travel and/or face knowingly stressful situations.   This past weekend I ventured to lovely CA wine country for one of my very best friend’s – and also [...]

NBC News Hears “Yoga Saved My Life” Directly from Sarah

Although I experienced the best and the worst events of my life while I served in the Marines, it's a brotherhood and sisterhood I am eternally grateful to be a part of. The good ones, the true friends, the real brothers and sisters, still look out for one another and support each other's endeavors.  Because [...]

The Gift of Being Present: Stop, Drop, & Breathe

Enjoy this short video about how to simply and effectively get yourself centered, feeling grateful, and spreading those positive vibes to all of those around you :)  Heck, if I could get my parents do this - which was a Christmas miracle! ;-p - you sure can give it a shot.  So, try this quick [...]

To Resist or Not Resist? That Is the Question

To resist or not resist? That is the question At the end of every yoga practice, we do a pose called savasana.  It is the final resting pose, or is often referred to as relaxation pose.  Most new yogis tend to just skip this part because they think they’re not “doing” anything and therefore it’s [...]

Obama, Secret Service, and Travel, Oh My!

What does this post have to do with Mr. Obama?  Not too much except that I just returned from Las Vegas, NV where I was sharing a hotel with the Pres, First Family, and their Secret Service entourage.  I have a pretty funny story, actually, about the Secret Service, but I might save that for [...]

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