Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Today, RIGHT NOW, the Military Justice Improvement Act is on the Senate floor. I received the following schedule from one of Senator Gillibrand's staff members: The military sexual assault time agreement will be executed on Thursday, 6 March 2014 - there will be up to four votes, beginning at around 2pm.- Roll call vote on the motion [...]

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Advocate, Sarah Plummer, Stands With Senator Gillibrand in Fight For Military Justice Improvements

Good morning.  My name is Sarah Plummer. I am a former Marine Corps Captain who served two deployments to Iraq as an Intelligence Officer, I played for 5 years in a row on the Military Olympic Soccer Team, and my last Active Duty assignment was as the Deputy Director of the Geospatial Intelligence Directorate of [...]

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With Alex Witt on MSNBCLive: President Obama’s comments on assault in military reflect same rhetoric

We covered a lot in a short amount of time!  So, just to be clear -- I am not blaming President Obama for the crisis in our military judicial system.  I sincerely think it's great that he acknowledges that rapes and sexual assaults undermine our military and our nation...I simply take issue with the fact [...]

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