Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio Show: Resilience, Wellness, & More With Sarah Plummer

On Wednesday, 7 May 2014, I had a blast as a guest on Lisa Cyper Kamen's radio show, Harvesting Happiness.  We discussed resiliency, peak performance, happiness, optimal wellness, and yoga which, lets be serious, is stuff we all can't hear enough about!  Further more, it was a real honor to be on Lisa's show given [...]

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BostInno’s Woman to Watch: Superwoman ‘Semper Sarah’ Plummer

This is part of Nickerson PR’s ‘Woman to Watch’ series. Each month, we profile remarkable women to keep on your radar. Real women. Real stories. Real success. (Original publication location HERE on BostInno's website). Sarah Plummer has visited six continents and forty countries. She’s served two deployments in Iraq and volunteered in Europe and the Middle [...]

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Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Today, RIGHT NOW, the Military Justice Improvement Act is on the Senate floor. I received the following schedule from one of Senator Gillibrand's staff members: The military sexual assault time agreement will be executed on Thursday, 6 March 2014 - there will be up to four votes, beginning at around 2pm.- Roll call vote on the motion [...]

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I wanted my life taken from me. Yoga brought me back.

In my New Year's Eve note, I encouraged you to be vulnerable. Today, I'm going to walk my talk. I'm going to be vulnerable, authentic, and share an excerpt from a larger piece of writing I'm working on which describes some of the challenges I faced during my second deployment to Iraq... "Although I never [...]

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NPR Morning Edition: Senate Considers Ways To Address Military Sexual Assaults

Summary: Members of Congress are unlikely to adopt one measure that many victims say is essential: taking away from commanders the ability to decide whether to pursue assault cases. Members of Congress say that step would undermine order and discipline in the ranks, and the Pentagon agrees. You can listen to the full 4min 15sec [...]

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Maureen Dowd quotes Sarah in The NYTimes Opinion Section

An excerpt from Maureen Dowd's article titled "Cut the Strings to George III:" The brass agreed there was a “cancer” in the military, but their rigid, nonsensical response boiled down to: Trust us. We’ll fix the system, even though we don’t really believe it’s broken. They were unanimously resistant to the shift that several of [...]

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NBC News Hears “Yoga Saved My Life” Directly from Sarah

Although I experienced the best and the worst events of my life while I served in the Marines, it's a brotherhood and sisterhood I am eternally grateful to be a part of. The good ones, the true friends, the real brothers and sisters, still look out for one another and support each other's endeavors.  Because [...]

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Suicide Rates Outpace Combat Deaths: Creating Community Is One Solution

‎"Healing doesn't mean you arrive at happiness and stay there; it means becoming strong enough to take each mountain as it comes. When we are in pain, we are afraid that we'll stay there forever. Yet, when we're happy, it's like we think it's bad luck to mention it.  Both are temporary. Go with the [...]

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