If Athletes Do This Without Question, Why Are So Many of Us So Skeptical?

Why practice? Specifically, why practice mediating, moving, and/or praying mindfully DAILY? Because it trains our brains during times of calm how to better respond in times of anxiety, pressure, or stress. It is like soccer practice versus the big match: we cultivate the skills and muscle memory mindfully when we have the time and space [...]

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Stress Is Your Friend!

Stress is not unique to me, to you, to veterans, to trauma victims, to stay at home parents, or to full-time executives.  “ Ya, ya, everybody’s got stress; I know that.  What’s the big deal?” you may be asking.  Well, the fact that everyone deals with stress…   That's actually good news.    But why?  [...]

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2min to “Biohack” Your Body & Access More Courage

What do you and Wonder Woman have in common? Access to a power pose that actually changes your mind, your courage, your confidence! Did you know that in a matter of only TWO MINUTES you could “bio-hack” your mind and body without the use of any technology to access the strength and poise that already [...]

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