Wyoming, Women Warriors, and Wellness

The past several days have been joyfully FULL.  Thursday night, I lead a workshop in Denver at the Freyja Project for CRAVEfuel (Stylish Women Entrepreneurs) about Fueling Your Creative Rampage. I opened with pranayama, shared part of my story of my journey to wellness, provided nutrition and lifestyle tips and techniques, then closed out with a lovely vibration-raising [...]

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Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Today, RIGHT NOW, the Military Justice Improvement Act is on the Senate floor. I received the following schedule from one of Senator Gillibrand's staff members: The military sexual assault time agreement will be executed on Thursday, 6 March 2014 - there will be up to four votes, beginning at around 2pm.- Roll call vote on the motion [...]

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Advocate, Sarah Plummer, Stands With Senator Gillibrand in Fight For Military Justice Improvements

Good morning.  My name is Sarah Plummer. I am a former Marine Corps Captain who served two deployments to Iraq as an Intelligence Officer, I played for 5 years in a row on the Military Olympic Soccer Team, and my last Active Duty assignment was as the Deputy Director of the Geospatial Intelligence Directorate of [...]

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MSNBC Jansing & Co: Sarah Weighs in on Senator Gillibrand’s Military Justice Improvement Act & More

The debate continues about whether the historic reforms offered by the Military Justice Improvement Act will be fulfilled.  Cheers to Senator Gillibrand for her continued efforts, as well as the efforts of the supporting Senators, to create a more judicially sound environment in which some felony level cases - such as rape -  can be [...]

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With Alex Witt on MSNBCLive: President Obama’s comments on assault in military reflect same rhetoric

We covered a lot in a short amount of time!  So, just to be clear -- I am not blaming President Obama for the crisis in our military judicial system.  I sincerely think it's great that he acknowledges that rapes and sexual assaults undermine our military and our nation...I simply take issue with the fact [...]

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