Wyoming, Women Warriors, and Wellness

The past several days have been joyfully FULL.  Thursday night, I lead a workshop in Denver at the Freyja Project for CRAVEfuel (Stylish Women Entrepreneurs) about Fueling Your Creative Rampage. I opened with pranayama, shared part of my story of my journey to wellness, provided nutrition and lifestyle tips and techniques, then closed out with a lovely vibration-raising [...]

Who is the most motivated person you know?

Can we KISS, please?  ;)   Wait, what?!  Don't worry, I'm not being creepy, I swear. ;)   I just want to Keep It Simple, Silly.   Today I have one, simple question for you: Who is the most motivated person you know?     Please post your answer below because sharing stories or even simple words about [...]

Getting Unstuck After Military Sexual Trauma – Living A Life You Love Even After Trauma

On 1 August 2012, I was honored to be a guest on the Dr. Laura Ciel radio show, On the Edge of Exceptional.  You can listen to segments 1 and 2 of the show and/or see more on my press page at http://www.SemperSarah.com/media.   Below, you can read a bit of our “Q&A” session.  These were [...]

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