“Domain Expiring” – Letting Go for the New Year

An email arrived in my inbox with the subject line: Domain Expiring.   I opened it, and was reminded that I’d declined the auto-renew of a very special domain, my first domain, the one, the only…. MarineChick.com.   (This pic to the left was one of my main feature photos on MarineChick.com for awhile).   [...]

Does It Piss You Off When People Tell You To “Just Let It Go?”

Ya, me too. But I think that's because somewhere deep down I know I need to. I need to just. Let. It. Go. So, I got to thinkin' - I'm probably not the only one who's felt this way! And as we approach the New Year and goals and resolutions galore begin to crop up [...]

How do you want to FEEL in the New Year?

True life is lived when tiny changes occur. ~ Leo Tolstoy New Year, New You...right? A lot of people begin the New Year by making resolutions. We’ve all been there. We take a vow to lose weight, exercise more or spend more time with our family. We start the year with great intentions, but then we [...]

Happy New Year: A Pro-Choice Message from Semper Sarah

You have a choice…. Look, I’m not a doctor (yet) but I do know a thing or two about what makes people tick… about what makes people happy… about what makes people survivors and thrivors… about what makes people resilient… about what makes people healthy… and research (from people who are doctors) shows that the [...]

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