Dearest Body of Mine

With yet another mass shooting tragedy weighing heavy on our hearts, the myriad of policy debates that follow, and arguments on social and news media, I thought sharing the following would be a much-needed positive add-in right now. As “add-in’s” often are, it’s simple but powerful: "Dearest Body of Mine, After careful thought and consideration, [...]

Never eat THIS again!

Never, ever, ever, EVER eat ____________ (fill in the blank) again!!!   OK, if I told you that, what would be the first thing you’d want to eat before the respective time arrived to have to stop forevermore?!   THAT THING!!! Right?!   Us humans are squirrely little creatures sometimes, and we definitely don’t like [...]

Slow Down and Chew + Quinoa Recipe

"I have made it a rule to give every tooth of mine a chance, and when I eat, to chew every bite thirty-two times. To this rule I owe much of my success in life." -William Gladstone Chewing When it comes to increased health, it’s not just what we eat but how we eat. Digestion actually [...]

Chocolate is its own food group

Chocolate is the only ingredient that is its very own food group. Well not really – but it seems as if it should be. Powerfully comforting, creamy, delicious – many people eat chocolate at least several times a week. Which begs the question… Is Chocolate Good for You? The answer is both yes and no. [...]

Powerful plant protein (+ cooking tips!)

“I was determined to know beans.” – Henry David Thoreau, The Bean-Field How about you? How well do you know beans? Creamy cannellinis, meaty garbanzos, sweet adzuki, tender pintos, and so many more – beans are one of the most powerful, nutrient-dense plant foods around. Consider this: Beans are packed with tons of fiber, as [...]

Alkalinize, Juice, & Reduce (inflammation)

It's already the end of September (yikes!). Things are beginning to cool down, but I want to cover three "hot" wellness topics with you that can help you feel your very best: Alkalinizing Juicing (photo from Inflammation reduction First, you need to know the difference between acid and alkaline forming foods, because alkalinizing our bodies is a helpful [...]

Guard Your Spare Moments Well…Relaxation, Exercise, Water, & Recipes

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Relaxation and Exercise Summer is often a time for serious play, time off and deep relaxation. Many of us use [...]

Simple Tip Tuesday: Stop Guzzling Ice-Cold Water All the Time!

Did you know that our bellies are our second brains? What happens in our gut isn’t just about food, it’s about “gut feelings.” We get a lot of wisdom from our core, but many of us pay little attention to ensuring things are running smoothly there. If you’re often gassy, constipated, dealing with diarrhea, or [...]

Simple Tip Tuesday: Calm Down Before You Scarf Down

When your body is in fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system), it cannot rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system). As nice as "sympathetic" sounds, that's not the mode you want to be in when you're eating. But don't just take my word for it.  If you feel like you're hearing this whole "slow down [...]

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