Places Hold Power: Goodbyes & Hellos

“Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” ~ unknown A week and a half ago, I drank in my last walk in the woods at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McLean, VA like a cup of tea, sip by sip, cradling the mug with both hands, [...]

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Dearest Body of Mine

With yet another mass shooting tragedy weighing heavy on our hearts, the myriad of policy debates that follow, and arguments on social and news media, I thought sharing the following would be a much-needed positive add-in right now. As “add-in’s” often are, it’s simple but powerful: "Dearest Body of Mine, After careful thought and consideration, [...]

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Loneliness Kills

"Social connectivity does more for your health than quitting smoking." ~ Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) We all want to be resilient. (Right???) Resilience is built by cultivating: Self-Care Spiritual Practices Social Support Therefore, we suffer when we don’t do the following: Invest in healthy habits for ourselves Cultivate spiritual practices [...]

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Stop Spinning Sideways

"This is just the visual difference that 6 months made when I started making better choices in how I lived my life and applied principles we discussed during your coaching and expressed in your book. No surgeries, prescriptions or fad diets. Just eating healthy, exercising, sleeping, and re-centering my life around core values." Robert is [...]

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Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

How was your weekend?  Mine was fabulous, I gotta say!   I spent last Friday through Monday in Washington State.  I’ve never been before.  Well, unless you count that time I drove across the Oregon border to bungee jump off Mount St Helens twice in 2007, but the point is, I’ve never really fully explored [...]

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3 Possibly Strange — Yet Powerful & Simple — Self-Care Tactics That Really Work

Have you heard that...???? Your washcloth could change your life! About an old-fashioned sleep aid that still works wonders! or… To stick out your tongue and say “ahhhhh”?   Whulp, here are the details on what that all means. 1.  Hot Towel Scrub: Take a washcloth, wet it with hot water, wring it out, and [...]

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From Wine Country to Washington DC – Practical Tips for Traveling Well in Any Situation

Just a little update for you on what I’ve been getting into lately and how it’s made me think of things that might also help you as you travel and/or face knowingly stressful situations.   This past weekend I ventured to lovely CA wine country for one of my very best friend’s – and also [...]

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