Last Weekend in New Orleans…

I got to spend two energizing days with the Mission Continues at the Women Veterans Leadership Summit in New Orleans, LA from April 1st to the 3rd. The intended purpose was to empower women veterans for successful transition to civilian life. And the message I heard loud and clear was the importance of finding authentic [...]

Military Olympian Makes Transition to International Wellness Guide: Task and Purpose Feature

Sarah Plummer Taylor is on a roll. The 34-year-old founder of both, a wellness mentoring brand, and Just Roll With It Wellness LLC, a resiliency training and education company, keeps a busy schedule of international travel, speaking, coaching, writing, and teaching. Her powerful drive to help people transition from trauma has not gone unnoticed. From [...]

Social Entrepreneurship, Business Advice, & Health Tips

Go a little behind the Semper Sarah LLC scenes to hear a bit of Sarah's personal background, more of her business story with commentary on social entrepreneurship and business advice, plus get 12 tips for better health.  It's a dynamic "three-fer!" ;)   Personal background goes until about the 10 minute mark, then business-specific story [...]

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