What do you do on your nights alone?  Do you dread them or relish in them?  Do you plan them, or roll with what strikes you as best for the night?

Personally, I love “me time.” I love the openness of the day and the night.  I love the subconscious freedom of it.  Sometimes those “me” nights are spent reading on the couch, catching up on tasks, or out with friends, but tonight (and a handful of these alone nights that I do have) I went on a date – with myself!   (watch this video till 14 seconds so you know the inflection of my voice here if you aren’t accustomed to my personal flavor of humor)  Something about taking myself out for a glass of wine reminds me of traveling…and so, in a way, date nights with myself are like little mini-trips at home.

And tonight was the perfect date night – with myself.

My boyfriend is out of town, and today was a day for getting up in the morning when I felt like sleeping in, trudging downstairs and opening the fridge to stale leftovers for breakfast because I just got home late yesterday from being out of town for a few days, and driving awhile to go play in a soccer game in the heat of the day and spend the rest of my day battling a migraine (a rare occurrence nowadays) while I worked.  But by the time evening rolled around, it was time to relax. So I took myself – gladly – on a date.

I went to one of my favorite nearby restaurants.
Fresh air.
Outdoor seating.
Organic local food.
A glass of Malbec.
(Ok, two).
Hip Indy rock streaming through the sound system.
People watching.
Impromptu journaling in the white spaces of those pages.

Then, I finished my meal and took a stroll – by myself – through the outdoor mall.  I walked down to one end, then turned around and retraced my steps.  On my way back – had I been with Pete I would have ever so cutely asked “Don’t you want a piece of cheesecake?” – I decided to stop and get a piece of cheesecake (one for me tonight, another for Pete tomorrow when he gets home).

Then I went home to my pup.

Now I write, and soon I will watch some SNL.

A lovely Saturday eve by myself.

Love it.

Roll with it.  🙂