Although I save nearly every letter, card, and email I ever get, this hand-written note from “Funky” is one of the few I know practically by heart and one which I felt was so special that I stapled it into my journal (versus putting it in a box with a thousand other letters).  He was one of the few truly good men I met in the Marine Corps – he was a mentor, big bro, and great friend and I was so blessed to have him as a colleague on that deployment.
13 November Al Qaim, Iraq
Dear SarahI’m so glad that you came out with us for a while and so are the guys.  You bring the sunshine wherever you go and bless everyone’s life for having been part of yours.  Thanks for everything but most of all, thanks for being who you are.  We will all miss you very much.
Always remember that beautiful women are a dime a dozen but a woman whose beauty is but an outward reflection of her virtue and character is priceless beyond measure.  That is what sets you apart and makes you one in a million.  That and a thousand other good adjectives that come to mind…
Sooner or later, but with perfect timing, I promise, God is going to send some like-minded and outrageously fortunate Christian fellow into your life who will recognize what a wonderful human being you are and will love you unconditionally from the depths of his soul.  That was a metaphor, but it’s really going to happen.  Between now and then, keep walking in the light, keep chasing your dreams, and keep being you.  You’re one of the good ones, Sarah, and I know you’ll do great things.  God has an awesome plan for your life!
I’m glad that we’re friends and I wish for you every kind of happiness.  I’ll be praying for you, kiddo.
Psalm 25:4-5

Funky filming our MC Bday celebration in AQ