If we’re not connected on social media, you may have missed the latest posting about one of my personal passions, an “Engaged and Excited” staple in my SEMPER Sarah life: AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL.

Did you know that the Denver Lady Bulldogs are THE most winning team in this sports crazy town of Denver? Wulp, we are!

Read this feature-length article by the Westword to learn more about this amazing sport and incredible team.

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Sarah Plummer Taylor is another linchpin in the Lady Bulldogs lineup. The 34-year-old former Marine played for five years on the U.S. Military Olympics women’s soccer team. Trim and compact, Plummer Taylor is not afraid to trade pain for clutch tackles against her opponents — and she thinks the team can do more during the rest of the game.

A whistle is blown, signifying that halftime is over. The players return to their positions, on opposite sides of the field this time, since the goals switch at halftime.

Another whistle, and the second half begins. Almost immediately, Sacramento scores with a grounded kick through the Lady Bulldogs’ center goalposts. Six points.

The Bulldogs regroup, but the Suns keep up the attack, looking sprightlier than they did during the first half.

They advance the ball around the edge of the field and pass it to a player who is within kicking distance of the Bulldogs’ goalposts. While still running, the Sacramento player positions the ball for the kick. Just as it is about to be released, Plummer Taylor sprints in for a tackle, but can’t quite grab her opponent. The player stumbles, and Plummer Taylor lunges again to finish the job. The Sacramento player crashes to the ground before the ball is released. No goal.