First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way: I’m human.  Last week I sent out a newsletter that had a big fat typo at the end – an extra two sentences, with one unfinished.  I apologize for this oversight.  However, it was a reminder to me that we all make mistakes (even after double checking our work) and ironic since the sentences were a teaser about what was to come in the future.  Anyway, I hope you’re over it by now 😉

Moving right along…Some of you may have already read a bit about the Ford Fusion contest I won a couple weeks ago, but for the down and dirty scoop, you can read this short article about my experience at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA which was published by a local Denver paper right here.

After returning from that sweet five day adventure, I had a week back in Colorado to reconnect, recharge, and catch up before jetting off again, this time to Philadelphia for five days.  Labor Day weekend is always a great time of year, and the transition from summer to fall is a symbolic one; but for the last three in a row, the holiday has been an especially fun one for me because it is when the North American Gaelic Athletic Association’s National Tournament takes place.  I’ve competed with the DC Gaels Women’s Junior A Gaelic Football Team the last two years, but this year I traveled with my new club, the DENVER Gaels (boy that got confusing when it came time to cheer my teammates on! 😉 ).  Plus, I picked up a new sport: Camogie.  Ca-what?  Camogie.  It’s women’s hurling.  (“Hurling?????”)  It was a freaking blast to play!  Curious about what this crazy sport looks like?  Then check out some photos from the weekend on my Facebook Fanpage.

So, why do you care about all this?  Because, even if it’s not camogie, football, or friends for you, but something else like walking your dog at the park, a date night with your significant other, or a really great work out, for me, this past weekend reemphasized how much pleasure I get from the simple things in life: fresh air, movement, and time with friends.  I was able to chat a bit with some of my previous DC teammates at the tournament, quickly bond with my new teammates from Denver, and thrive and feel fully alive on the field as I challenged myself in a completely new sport and soak up the joys of the one I was more familiar with.  Despite the heat, humidity, lack of quality sleep, and various little injuries (we use sticks and wear helmets for crying out loud!), I spent Thursday through Monday feeling completely at peace and happy with where I was.  I credit that feeling to the wonderful people I was around and the gift of nature and life that God has given us.


Is there a place where you go in order to feel totally alive, completely yourself, fully present, or decidedly at peace?  What is a simple thing in life that really excites you or brings you pure, simple contentment?  I’d love it if you shared it in the comments section here because we can all learn from one another and be inspired by what inspires others.

PARTING THOUGHTS: Related to the whole “simple things in life” theme, I realized that as I am about to spend another day in airports to fly out to California for Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy, I have to stop and think – will I allow myself to dread the day of travel, or will I choose to experience it with joy?  It is simple – but not easy – to decide to choose my mindset for a day like today. I want to be cranky about it, but that serves no purpose! Take personal ownership for your mindset. Be empowered by the simple joy that lies in saying, “I decide to have a good day today despite what crap may come.”  Is there something in your day that you can choose not to be annoyed or bothered by that you would normally, mindlessly, justifiably allow yourself to be irked by?  Again, please do share with the rest of the Semper Sarah audience here to tell us about the choices you made today and how they felt. 🙂

QUESTION FOR YOU:  What can I provide for you?  Do you need work-out ideas, more inspiration, more free recipes? Let me know!  Since you are a special subscriber, you get first pick at driving the Semper Sarah Moto Mail train! 🙂  FYI, I’ve recently been listed as a resource at  Perhaps you know a group like this that could use my expertise?  If so, please feel free to share my contact info with them.

Now, here’s that teaser I almost gave last week – sooooon I will start an interview series where experts in the Health and Wellness field will be my guests and answer some of your most burning questions about the mind, body, and spirit.  Now is the time to let me know what some of those might be even though I have some ideas already.  I’ll talk with chiropractors, physical therapists, yogis, and more!  I hope you’re as excited as I am about this future series.

May your day be filled with friendship, gratitude, and health.  Get rollin’ with it! 🙂

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