To resist or not resist? That is the question

At the end of every yoga practice, we do a pose called savasana.  It is the final resting pose, or is often referred to as relaxation pose.  Most new yogis tend to just skip this part because they think they’re not “doing” anything and therefore it’s not an important part of the routine.  In fact, it is the most important part of every yoga practice.

During savasana, we lie down on our backs, make some final adjustments and shifts so we can lie there comfortably, bring our arms out to our sides away from our bodies, palms turned up, and spread our legs slightly apart.  We let our breathing return to normal, but keep inhaling and exhaling through our noses.  We close our eyes.  We relax.

Then we scan.

We mentally scan our bodies for points of tension.  What’s supposed to then happen is that we release those areas of tension when we come across them.

* My question to you today is: Can you see savasana as a metaphor for the rest of your life?

Do a scan of your body.

Do a scan of your life.

Is there a “tension point” you’re holding onto? Is there something you’re resisting that you can let go of? Is there something you can detach from?

In the perspective of physicality what is non-attachment? When we hold on internally, mentally, it manifests as resistance in the body and, subsequently, as emotional resistance, as well.  The tiniest of contractions can cause ripples of tension throughout your entire body and spirit.  Just like last week when I discussed how tiny adjustments can create big transformations, on the flip side, tiny tensions can create monstrous blockages and barriers to growth and love.

As we are instructed to do in savasana, see if you can be fully present, and see if you can fully let go.  Physically, let the ground support you; mentally, let God/the Universe support you.  See how that allows a broader harmony in your life.

Even a hint of non-attachment can transfer into our nervous system, and transfer into our everyday lives.  Is there anything we can let go of that the ego draws us back into? A softening of something creating resistance in our lives?  A just rolling with it we can embrace to make our day just a little bit lighter?  As we get our minds and bodies in harmony, we may find that other areas of our lives start falling into place, as well.

Try to start and end your day with this simple 2 minute “savasana meditation” such as this: lie down or sit comfortably, let your breathing become relaxed and comfortably, then mentally scan your body.  Take your time.  Find one spot to which you can bring your awareness and see if you can get it, even if ever-so-slightly, to relax.  See if something in your life that needs a letting go comes up, as well.  If it does, bring your attention there.  Then, let it go.

Tweetable: Semper_Sarah says “When your lives (professional, spiritual, relational, physical &nutritional) are in harmony you begin to transform&heal.”