Thanks for the love and support, new likes, blog comments, and more.  I’m busy busy here in Colorado and am working to get extensively educated on all sorts of good stuff so I can be an even better coach, speaker, and author for you. For instance, a week ago I began a year-long course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; today I am headed to a speakers’ conference in LA for the weekend; and in November I plan to attend a 3-week yin-yang yoga training to add to my “therapy” repertoire.   If you are curious about what that entails, don’t worry my friend, I’ll send out more details on all that sweet stuff soon.

Also in the works for YOU guys are fresh newsletters (please sign up on the blue box to the right and encourage your friends to join the mailing list too), more improvements to the website, more speaking engagements, new coaching immersion excursions with yours truly, and ebook freebies.

I’m here to help you get unstuck by SEMPER ROLLING WITH IT in order to create the life of your dreams!!! 🙂  Lets do this thang! 😉