Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day. Nicholas Sparks


So, when’s the last time someone wrote you a love letter?


My guess is it may have been awhile since you’ve received that particular kind of gift.


Perhaps you associate “love letters” with high school sweethearts, mushy romance, or something simply superfluous. (Sorry I’m not sorry, I’m a sucker for alliteration! ;-p)


However, LOVE is so much more than the romantic stuff. Love is a practice just like faith. Love is dynamic and diverse.


Love is comprised of properties, elements, and sensations that exist along a spectrum.


Love includes doubt, fear, insecurity, tension, and uncertainty just as much as it includes faith, trust, clarity, and peace.


Where we may find more acceptance with all elements of love is in seeing love as a practice. It requires going back to it, choosing it, nurturing a devotion to it each week…each day…in each moment that we have the capacity to choose (and, heck, sometimes it does NOT feel like we CAN choose). But if and when you can, start small, and build from there.


As part of that practice, I encourage you to ask someone in your life to write you a love letter. Part of practicing love is getting used to receiving it, too.


So, keep it simple. Request a letter from a friend, a family member, or a partner, and see what comes up. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to write them one yourself.


Let me know how that goes.


And let me know what other little ways you find helpful in practicing love. I’d LOVE (wink!) to hear from you.


(My business partner, Dr Kate Hendricks Thomas, and I find this exercise so beneficial for our students and clients that we included it as a regular piece of our Just Roll With It Wellness Journal.)


One more thing, if you’re into the yoga stuff, check out the video below for a lovely 2 minute gentle heart flow yoga sequence I put together.


There are many ways to let go, make space, and move forward in the spirit of love. Yoga has been one way that’s been very helpful for me. Our emotions have a physical component- they live IN our body. So when our body moves, our emotions move. This sweet lil flow may help you with that. (P.S. Please pardon my beachbangs ;-p haha )


Cheers to Just Rolling With Love,