Today, 7 July 2011 is my last day in my twenties.  This does not scare me.  🙂  On the cusp of another mini-adventure, I celebrate the fact that I am still alive and genuinely striving to live life full of zest nearly every day.  I have also rededicated myself toward exuding positive energy, patience, and kindness in situations where I still struggle to do so.  I strive to strengthen my mind and body, and recognize the depth with with the two are connected.  Only I can choose positive over negative in any given situation; life can be limitless if we fully embrace our souls and our true energies. 

On that note….The last few days have been a bit stressful, but thankfully I’m already on the other side of things, so it’s a tad easier for me to see the forest for the trees. 😉  It all began a couple weeks ago when someone from the Marine Corps Sports Office called and said, “ya, so you know how we promised you we’d pay you a salary in July, well we’re not, and if you want to get paid then you’re not going and we’ll find a replacement.”  Whoa whoa whoa!  Slow down fella!  (I wanted to say)  I didn’t get paid last year and (mostly)happily took a massive pay cut from my well paying job at the time to go play All Armed Forces Soccer.  “I’m happy to play without getting paid,” I informed the caller. 

Then, 1 July, (Friday before a holiday weekend) another somebody at the Marine Corps Sports Office called and said “You’re not going to FL or Brazil for soccer.  There is no money left, not just to not pay people, but to not pay for their travel.”  Pretty much end of story, right?  Since I got this same scare the day before I left for the try outs this March, but then it all ended up working out ok, I didn’t fret yet.  I assumed come Tuesday, after the 4th of July holiday, some sort of solution would be worked out.  I was determined to enjoy my holiday weekend and early birthday celebration with family and friends (which I did 🙂 ).

Pete, me, Becci, Mom&Dad with Becci’s kids Renton, Emily, and Micky for 4th of July weekend in Leesburg, VA

Tuesday, 5 July, rolled around.  After a day full of incessant emailing, phone calling, and rearranging of logistics that affected a lot of other people besides just myself,  I was told “no money for any Marine athletes; period.”  NOW I was upset.  It was clear to me that someone didn’t do their job properly and because of that, 6 athletes were having dreams of playing in the Military World Games dashed.  “But hold on; we’ll figure something out,” Coach Auggie assured me.  I hoped so, but wasn’t sure.

Wednesday, 6 July, I desperately needed some good exercise. Trail running is the very essence of running…it puts me in an environment in which I thrive, it sharpens my mind, and the rough terrain guides me to run with better form.  Therefore, I drove to a trail head of the W&OD Trail in Leesburg VA and went for a modest 4 mile run; but I felt good and needed the positive energy.  Then, I got good news!!  The Air Force would come to the Marine Corps’ rescue!!  Effectively, the Air Force would take care of things and I would get to FL and then Brazil.  Hooray!  This was mostly the end of the story….  only not quite because the remainder of the day included even more phone calls and emails between lots of other people before it was finally concluded that I would have to wait some more.  By Thursday morning, I was told, I’d hear news about getting a flight to FL.

Today, 7 July, I checked my phone incessantly! haha.  Alas, it twas not until 11am (while I was hanging out at the local Panera) that the phone rang and the Air Force rescue was complete:  I had a flight leaving Dulles at 1:45pm.  Go go go!!!  Off I rushed to re-pack, call a cab, clean up my spare room at Becci’s, and get to the airport.  Right now, I’m at the Charlotte NC USO for my layover; I can’t wait to get to FL tonight and play some soccer! 🙂 

So, in conclusion, for the next few weeks, I will Work Hard/Play hard with new fervor.  But for those of you who know me, I think you’d agree, I “work hard-play hard” always 😉