So there I was, getting into my car after a sweaty, dusty run through the Colorado hills, about to head to Karma Yoga Center for a class with one of my favorite teachers, Lisa Schlelein Theis.  I opened up my trunk to double check that I brought my yoga mat with me.

Well, I sure had brought my yoga mat…and, oh by the way, had three others in there, too, along with 2 pairs of running shoes, two pairs of soccer cleats, and a bag with a t-shirt, shorts, a sports bra, socks, face wipes, a visor, and gloves.

The thing is, not all of that gear was either in tip-top shape, or my primary go-to mat, set of shoes, or whatever.  But that’s ok, because I’ve realized that stashing gear in my car accomplishes a few great things that both helps me save money and eliminate my excuses for not being able to work out whenever, wherever.  Because, lets be honest, sometimes the rhythm does getchya, and you wanna head to the hills for a jaunt. 😉  I’ve done this with running gear for years, but when I noticed I subconsciously started doing this with yoga gear, too, I kind of cracked myself up.

Anyway, HERE are the tips!

  • 1. Be accepting. You really don’t always have to have your favorite, perfect, top of the line gear with you to run, play, or yoga.  It won’t kill you to run in ugly, holey, barely-any-grip-left-on-them running shoes from time to time.  Wouldn’t you rather get the run in than not simply because you didn’t have some shoes with you?


2. Be resourceful. Don’t throw out your old yoga mat either, or your old cleats, sports bra, socks, shorts, etc.  You don’t need to buy two of everything to always be prepared – accept that old stuff is ok, too, especially when it functions primarily as a back up.  Plus, you’re eliminating waste by reusing instead of trashing every old pair of shoes or set of gear.


3.  Be friendly & flexible. It allows you have friends join in for an impromptu stretch session, too.  Ever wanted to do something, but a friend didn’t?  Now, no excuses! You’ve got a yoga mat for him/her too! 😉  Ok, maybe this doesn’t work with shoes, but you get the idea.  Be flexible (pun intended) and have fun with it.  Appreciate and love your old stuff instead of seeing it as crap that needs to be disposed of.

Am I crazy or have you faced this dilemma before, too?  Have you ever driven out to some great spot and felt inspired to run, play, or stretch only to be stymied by lack of gear? Tell me about it!! 🙂

Stashing old gear in your car (or office, or gym locker) saves you money, is good for the environment (less trash), and allows you to be fully engaged and excited in life so you can take the bull by the horns when the inspiration strikes!

So, get out there and just roll with it any time, any place! 🙂