Book Sarah for an engaging and interactive session to help your organization, team, or business discover the important links between health, leadership, conflict resolution, and happiness.

1. The SEMPER Strategy to Optimal Wellness
This memorable, hands-on workshop takes a deep dive into the SEMPER System for Optimal Wellness. Learn actionable techniques to improve your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health, and gain tools to build a stronger life in this lively and humorous session.

2. Renew. Revive. Restore.
Using simple meditations and engaging personal development assignments, unlock three basic strategies to cultivate wellness today. Renew, revive, and restore the tired or stressed-out parts of your life with this thought-provoking, soul-connecting workshop.

3. Resilience. Want it? Build It 
This radically honest workshop invites you to strip away excuses and gaze boldly at your own soul, pain, intuition, and capacity for growth. Be empowered as you discover the science behind pain, choice, and healing. Practice building your mind-body connection, tapping into your own intuition, and choosing growth in this inspiring 90-minute session.

* The mission of the workshops is to introduce holistic personal and professional development principles which empower audience members to cultivate leadership of significance, resilience, and integrated, healthy lifestyles. The workshop curriculum involves a theoretically-grounded approach to resilience-building that includes as components: self-care practices, social support cultivation, and spirituality. We focus heavily on physically adaptive and trauma-sensitive yoga/meditation, if this modality is requested as part of the workshop, as a foundational approach to self-care and spirituality. The practical component involves an introductory yoga practice with group conversation about how to implement SMART goals set during the workshop.

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