The past several days have been joyfully FULL.  Thursday night, I lead a workshop in Denver at the Freyja Project for CRAVEfuel (Stylish Women Entrepreneurs) about Fueling Your Creative Rampage. I opened with pranayama, shared part of my story of my journey to wellness, provided nutrition and lifestyle tips and techniques, then closed out with a lovely vibration-raising chant which everyone, with their heart wide open, participated in.  (Gosh, that was beautiful and inspiring to witness!) It was a late night as passionate conversations and connections continued well after the workshop and networking time slots. I met some amazing women here in my new home town, and am excited about our opportunities for future collaboration and support here in Denver and beyond.

On Friday, I drove Bailey (my amazing three-legged wonder dog) and I to Casper, Wyoming. On Saturday, I had the honor of conducting three 75 minute workshops on “Feeding Your Mind, Body, and Spirit” for the third annual Promoting Our Women Warriors of Wyoming conference (with two media interviews in between).  Click on the image below to watch the 2.5 minute interview with News 13 to hear a few thoughts I have about the legal proceedings of military sexual assault cases, parallels to these similar crimes on college campuses, and wellness for our women warriors.

Further thoughts:
1. I support the Military Justice Improvement Act because the bill supports impartial and unbiased legal proceedings.

2. Wellness begins with small choices that continue to build on one another.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, and we don’t have to do it ALL, all today.   You can, however, choose to take one step at a time toward healing and not just surviving but thriving.  You can learn more about this approach by signing up for my FREE bi-weekly e-newsletter HERE or inquiring about my healthy lifestyle coaching programs HERE.

3. The Veteran Administration Hospitals – In the interview, I also shared that I had receivedstellar care at some VA Hospitals.  That being said, I have also experienced the delays and gaming of the schedule many veterans are speaking out about now.  I know the VA Hospitals are understaffed and overworked, which is exactly why I think more and more alternative therapies should be available, more and more wellness workshops should be conducted on things like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, aromatherapy, functional movement therapy, chiropractic care, and more that veterans can do on their own and eventually (perhaps) not need expensive narcotics or unending talk therapy.  I believe there is a time and place for medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, and surgeries OF COURSE; but there are also a lot of complementary and supplemental techniques that go a long way toward sustainable healing not just for our nation’s veterans but for all citizens. We need to empower people, not shackle them to an overworked system.


This is work that is very important to me, and when I say it is an honor to lead these workshops and share my story with women, entrepreneurs, and veterans, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  I appreciate that I am only one of many women walking this path to both heal themselves and help others heal, and there’s no other path I’d rather be a’walkin’! 😉