Yoga cracks me up sometimes.  I have a different experience every single time I practice.  This past Wednesday, at Feel It Burn in Gahanna, (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio), during Jamie’s class (Pete’s and my current fave one to attend recently) I had yet another new experience.  As I breathed deep, stretched out and down, and twisted into a reverse side angle pose, I had a Homer Simpson moment and suddenly thought “mmm….beer.” It’s all I could think about for 3 to 5 breaths.  I laughed at myself – internally of course – and continued with the class.

Soon thereafter, I found myself thoroughly enjoying half-moon and suddenly struck with the feeling of yoga bliss. No joke. Bam.  Just like that.  There I was, balanced on one leg, my heart open to one side, one arm toward the ground and the other lifted, and I felt completely calm and at peace.  I smiled and was happy.

In one class I went from bliss to beer and back again.  ;-p  You just never know whatchya gonna get in yoga!