Lets be serious.  After spending about 90% of my time on the road, in the air, and overseas since April, it’s time I settle down for a bit.

But why should YOU care?  Well, if you’re into yoga and/or live in Denver, take a peek below… 


1. I’m teaching yoga regularly in Denver, CO now.

THIS WEEK: Monday 7:30am and 1:30pm All Levels Flow, Tuesday 9:15am All Levels Flow 75min class, and Wednesday 7:30-8:30am All Levels Flow at Karma Yoga Center

Next week: out of town

In the future: I substitute teach a variety of other times from week to week, but my regular class times at Karma are Monday at 1:30pm and Wednesday at 7:30am.  Starting in December, I’ll be teaching for the Freyja Project in the Highlands.  Check the Semper Sarah Facebook page for updates about my yoga instruction schedule.

Want some yoga for FREE?  Veterans Day evening, I’m teaching a free class with friend, fellow yoga teacher, and licensed therapist near the Tech Center.  More deets to come.  Aside from that, I’ll soon be offering regularly scheduled free yoga classes in conjunction with Team Red White & Blue Denver.

Want some yoga, on-one-one?  Cool. I do that, too. Pricing depends on how many sessions we book or if you are currently enrolled in one of my health coaching programs.  I can do both the yoga and the coaching remotely or in person.  Contact me for details.


2.    Next big trip is COSTA RICA in the NEW YEAR and you can join me, Kate Hendricks, and Dr Theresa Larson there!  4-10 January 2014: Theresa, Kate, and Sarah teaching and 11-17 January 2014: Kate and Sarah lead.


–> Price will increase $120 on 22 November, so secure your spot before the holiday season madness begins.

Spaces are limited to 20 retreat attendees!  Only one private suite remains available for week 1, and two suites remain for week 2.  All other rooms available are quad-share rooms.

All details are at www.SemperSarah.com/Retreat



  • 3. New registrations for my one-on-one health coaching programs will CLOSE at the end of 2013.  If you want to work together to refine and enhance your health and happiness, you gotta make the commitment sooner rather than later.  I am not taking on any more clients this month, and will accept no more new clients as of Dec 1st.



4. ok, I lied about the whole “not going anywhere again till the New Year” thing.  Before visiting family in NC for Thanksgiving, and Chicago for Christmas, I’m going to NY later this week to study at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  There, I’ll be meeting with thought leaders in trauma sensitive yoga so I can learn how to be an even better teacher, guide, speaker, and mentor to you. I’m so excited for this opportunity to connect and grow as well as to incorporate it into my programs in the future.


5. The Just Roll With It Bootcamps are getting a makeover in 2014.  You’ll want to check out the updated site at www.JustRollWithItWellness.com to see what we’re up to.  Just Roll With It Bootcamp now lives at Just Roll With It Wellness here on the web, here on Facebook, and it now has its own Twitter account here.  Like us and follow us there; we’d love to see ya there 😉

In partnership with some dear friends and colleagues, we are seriously considering the following locations: Washington state, Colorado, Alabama, Washington DC, and Northern CA.

And if you or your business, team, or organization wants to just roll with us for an awesome, life-changing day of unique health, stress-management, and success strategies, please contact us here.


gby-55576. How can I help you?  Do you have questions about health, happiness, or leadership you want to ask me?  Want to better understand what a health coach even is?  Interested in trying yoga but don’t know where to start?  Have specific nutrition questions or a leadership dilemma?  PLEASE ASK ME!!  I’m here to SERVE!  It’s even more fun, by the way, when you post your questions on the Semper Sarah Facebook Page so everyone can benefit from the insight your questions offer and the help my answers provide.  So, if it’s not private, post your questions there and get to know some other Semper Sarah community members, too.


7. This last one isn’t really an update per say, but just something important I want to say to you – THANK YOU. I am grateful for you guys.  I’m human just like you and I’ve got my bad days, my great days, and my everything-in-between days.  When I hear from you, though, the encouragement it provides to me is invaluable.  So, I’ll KISS and just close with a thanks.  Thanks  🙂


+ Hey, do you have a copy of my book, Just Roll With It: The 7 Battle-Tested Traits for Creating a Ridiculously Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life, yet? No? No worries! Get your autographed copy HERE or order a copy for a loved one from Amazon.com for this swiftly approaching holiday season.