(Some personal takeaways from yoga training – written on the plane ride home from Costa Rica)

DAILY yoga practice which will include, of course, meditation and prayer. —- a. Meditation can be as simple as mindful breathing. — b. Prayer can be as simple as chatting with God. — c. Don’t worry about getting elaborate; go with the flow
DAILY consciousness and self-awareness of the dropping away of stress, worry, and judgment of myself and others which will foster whole love and acceptance.
Continuing Education – soak it up! Broaden my study of yoga, meditation, prayer, music, health, and alternative therapies.
Improved, conscious HEALTH. Don’t eat and/or act mindlessly. Evaluate current eating habits and implement changes. Realize that these changes will help me feel, act, sleep, and LIVE better! They’ll enhance, not restrict, my life.
a. Avoid fake/processed sugars.
b. Avoid processed foods.
c. Eat raw food as much as possible.
d. Massively decrease dairy and wheat.
e. Cut out meat as much as possible; and, when possible, only eat organic/clean meats.
f. Eat GOOD FAT.
g. Occasionally fast.
h. THINK about what I’m eating and how I eat it. LOVE my food
i. Breath deeply and drink lots of water throughout the day.
Grow in my teaching practice
Embody – GENUINELY – the servant spirit, real patience (which comes from acceptance), and all principles previously addressed. Know that I already possess the light; IT ALL COMES FROM WITHIN. I already have love and light within me; now, I must AWAKEN it through healthy practices! 🙂
Continue to improve ALIGNMENT in my mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and energy bodies. Learn more about how to do so.

Remain a student

Remain a servant

Remain a seeker