You’re invited to participate in the divine life, because when you’re going it alone, you’re kinda at your worst.


Last week’s sermon at my local Denver church opened with this question: “If God were totally knowable, explainable, definable, etc would that be a God worth worshiping?”


The pastor’s answer has stuck with me for a week. We re-listened to the sermon today (because although we caught it live last week, I brought Eloise to church and so my attention was more often on her than the sermon itself – oops).


Anyway, his answer, if I were to boil it down, was that God can’t ever be totally explained (and oh by the way, that’s ok and by design), but that we come to know God through relationship. And well, Christ is the ultimate relationship in that we are created to experience God through grace how Jesus experiences God through nature.


We are invited to participate with God by participating in our divine nature! (2peter1:3)


We are invited to empty ourselves of ourselves. And fill it with God.


Yup just like that. 😉


Ok, simple but difficult.


And obviously God may = GOD for some or LOVE or ENERGY for others, but I think the message is pretty universal: When you’re going it alone, you’re at your worst.  


But when you become a conduit for godly things, you’re a much better you. When we make space for God to fill our lives, we love better, we look people in the eye, we put the phone down, we turn the TV off, we are fierce and courageous and bold and we stand up for lepers and wash peoples’ feet and teach and worship and commune, and we serve.


“God, love my husband (my wife, my partner, my child, my dog, my co-worker, my teacher) through me.” We pray things like that. We pray “God, would you love them through me?”


What if we prayed that, to “be a pencil in the hand of God” as Mother Teresa was purported to have prayed? WHAT IF we believed it was POSSIBLE?


What if we believed we were gods, godly, children of God, spirit beings, beings of light, more expansive and capable than we often give ourselves credit for?


IF we lived that way, wouldn’t we encourage others through our nature not our effort? In that when people encounter my nature it’s actually the divine nature.


God love them through me.


We simply become a conduit. We make space for God to fill our life.


How do you explain God?


Do you know someone whose life is the answer to that question? Could your life be the answer to that question.


This question makes me think of yoga, too. How do we define yoga? Not by how bendy we get, but by how we live our lives off the mat.


So, off the mat, or out of church, outside the comfy confines of the walls of your home, wherever it may be, how do you live your Divinity, your faith, your yoga, your practice, your light, your love?


Whatever it is that you believe in…are you LIVING it?


Would people through watching your life have a better understanding of who God is?


We can become an expression of who God is.


Watch what Jesus did, not what Christians do.


His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

*Image by Maria Davey, photographer.